What can you achieve in two years?

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It’s been exactly two years since my first agility trial!

In that time I managed to:

  • make countless number of handling and training mistakes… of course!
  • slip, fall, run into obstacles, forget the course, misread the course map, miss the walkthroughs, miss my run – so much fun!
  • get excused from the ring multiple times, including at national level event (all for silly things 🙂)
  • be criticized for my training choices in the ring by many, including judges (!)
  • E all the possible runs at the UKI Open, one by fainting mid-run 😀

What did I learn? That there is much more mental game to agility than I’d like. But also that my dog did not mind any of the above…

Beauvais is now at AKC Master level and qualified for both EO and AWC world team tryouts.

This is where we started and where we are now:

Paulina’s and Beauvais’ first run
Beauvais’ first Premier Standard Q

I think we did well!


  1. Happy trial anniversary!! Seeing the contrast and huge progress between the two videos is so cool, and so encouraging too!

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